Morimura Brothers Inc., established in 1876, by Ichizaemon Morimura VI is focused on international manufacturing and trading operations. In response to the needs of a number of industries, they procure and supply high value-added specialty chemicals, environmentally-sound products and raw materials that satisfy health and food safety requirements around the globe. You can still hear the breath of the spirit of 鈥淥ne company for One business鈥 within the group. Morimura manufactures and sells Triethyl Citrate a non-toxic plasticizer which was originally developed by Pfizer Inc. under the brand name of 鈥楥ITROFLEX鈥 in Japan. They are actively developing new products in response to the growing public concern for health and food safety. They supply safe, excellent quality raw materials, drawing upon their ample experience and global network. Morimura Bros. Inc. recognizes that environmental problems have become potentially long-term-issues on global scale, and make every possible effort towards realizing a 鈥榮ustainable development鈥 which is aimed at creating a harmony between social and economic development and sound environmental conservation. With an experience of 140 years, their focus on providing superior quality products along with technological expertise makes them a manufacturer of choice in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Triethyl Citrate


Coating Agents;