Sodium croscarmellose Vivasol®

Chemical description: 
sodium croscarmellose is the water-insoluble superdisintegrant generated through CMC's internal bridging which meets the current USP/NF, EP, JP pharmacopoeia standards.  
Brand: Vivasol®                               
General name
Particle size distribution
Main application
Sodium croscarmellose
> 75 渭m max.2 %

Characteristics application:
Sodium croscarmellose is used as the superdisintegrant for capsula, tablet and granules in oral solid dosage.
When processed in the way of wet granulation, the product can be added in the wetting or drying stage respectively,  namely particle internal addition and particle external addition which can give full play to disintegrant's capillary action and swelling function. 
This product' s disintegration is hardly affected by compressing pressure and solidity, and is not affected by PH value or viscosity.

Adding small amount of the product will have excellent disintegration, meanwhile can increase the drug dissolution. Typical dosage: 0.5-5.0%.