Macrogol-15 hydroxyl stearate Solutol®

Chemical description: 
Solutol®appears yellowish starchiness at room temperature, but presents liquid at about 30鈩. Solutol®HS-15  forms clear solution after dissolving in water or alcohol. The product meets USP/NF, Eur., Ph., JP pharmacopoeia standards.
Brand: Solutol®                            
General name
HLB value
Macrogol-15 hydroxyl stearate
Solutol® HS 15

Characteristics application:
Solutol® HS-15 macrogol-15-hydroxyl stearate mainly acts as non-ionic solubilizer which is applied in the injection, emulsion and lipid preparation of lipophilic drug, such as Vitamins A,D,E and K.