Carmellose calcium E.C.G 505 ®

Chemical description: E.C.G505 is a kind of high-efficiency water-insoluble disintegrant which owns calcium chelate structure.
Brand: E.C.G 505®    
General name
PH value
Characteristics application
Carmellose calcium
E.C.G 505
< 10
High-efficiency disintegrant

Characteristics application:
Carmellose calcium is a kind of disintegrant with adhesive properties which owns rapid water swellin capability.
Applicable in wet granulation and powder direct compression process with good compressibility; Because its excellent chelate structure, the product has good dissolution improving function to Cephalosporin drugs.

Since it includes calcium, the product is specially applicable in sodium restricting cardiovascular drugs. 
Typical dosage: 0.5-5.0%, maxium dosage can be up to 15%.