Carnauba Wax

Chemical description: 
Carnauba wax is complicated compound mainly composed of acid and oxyacid ester, most of which are aliphatic ester, hydroxy fatty acid ester, p-methoxycinnamate, p-hydroxy cinnamic acid diester with different length of aliphatic chain, C26 and C32 alcohol are the most common ones. In addition, there also include acid, oxidized polybasic alcohol, alkanes, resinoid and water. The carnuauba wax provided by our company meets American USP/NF pharmacopoeia standards. 
General name
Spanofication number mg KOH/g
Moisture %
Melting point
Carnauba wax
鈮 0.5%

Characteristics application:
The product is mainly used in dragee polishing in the form of 10%(v/v) aqueous emulsion. Tablets after polishing are with fine gloss instead of shrinkage which also can be dragee polished in the form of powder. It can also be used singly or in combination with  hyprolose, alginate/pectin-gelatin, acrylic resin and stearyl alcohol to make sustained release solid preparation. Moreover, carnauba wax was used in making gastric acid endurable microballons.