About Chineway Pharma 

For the past years, Shanghai Chineway Pharma Tech Co.,Ltd. has been striving to bring high quality pharmaceutical excipients to China. Chineway is not just the leading supplier of "high quality pharmaceutical excipients and coating customized services " to China pharmaceutical and health product industry; We organize and manage the entire value chain in every aspect, from procurement, research and analysis, marketing, technical services, regulatory services, sales, distribution and logistics to after-sales service. We provide partners with the most professional advice, local logistics services combined with entire value-added processes so as to develop deep and broad service programs.

Chineway is the industry leader in pharmaceutical excipients and coating customized services in the technology introduction, supply and technical support. We provide high quality products and systematic pharmaceutical technology with market value-added services for the preparation of pharmaceutical dosage, from product design, development to commercial production with full support. Our top quality products, leading technology research and support, and customized assistance provided in the regulatory will lead Chineway in looking for innovations and diligently continue the pursuit of excellence.

As engaging in the development of the industry and improvement of the quality of pharmaceuticals professional company, Chineway share their product knowledge and expertise through technical seminars and symposiums with industry peers. In order to better serve our customers, Chineway recruit outstanding talents to learn more systematic pharmaceutical engineering constantly so as to provide customers with strategic service programs.

Chineway is committed to enhance China's pharmaceutical industry by introducing high-quality products and leading pharmaceutical technology! "Let Science and Technology Tribute to Life" is our credo! Our goal is to become the trustworthy link between business partners and customers as well as China's best pharmaceutical excipients service provider! To this end, we are working hard every day.