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Sodium starch glycolate DST® C11 - The only manufacturer owns the import drug license

Chemical description: It is a kind of anionic polymer derived from non-genetically modified potato starch which has disintegration effect through expansive action. The product is one of the three superdisintegrants and can also be used as suspending agent.

English name:Sodium Starch Glycolate, Carboxymethyl Starch Sodium, CMS-Na

Brand: DST ®  
General name
Addition suggestion

Sodium starch glycolate

DMF# 7247

Type A
Sodium starch glycolate

DMF# 7247

Low PH
Particles added internally

Characteristics application:
1) Fewer residual impurities, such as hypochloric acid; 
2) DST comes from European non-genetically modified potatoes, only the sodium starch glycolate derived from potatoes can be used as superdisintegrants. Compared with ordinary corn starch, DST's amylopectin structure is longer with heavier molecular weight, faster water-absorption velocity and larger water-absorbing capacity; Its water-swelling coefficient is about 300 times stronger. And hydrophobic excipients have little effects on its disintegration ability.
3) DST has better particle roundness and compressibility which is especially applicable in various kinds of tablet compressing process.
4) The manufacturing process met cGMP manufacturing practice and passed American FDA field inspection. Excellent manufacturing management ensures DST's long-term stability within the same batch. 
5) DST is remarkable in controlling black spot.  
6) DST is whiter and cleaner in appearance.

7) It has excellent disintegration function in higher viscosity Chinese drugs preparation and is the first choice for excipient as disintegrant in Chinese drugs preparation. 

8) Application process: Direct compression, wet granulation, rolling technique.

9) Characteristics application: Superdisintegrant, high-efficiency disintegrant, suspending agent.