Chineway-Technology Servie Alliance
Chineway application Lab united global manufacturers' lab and other 3rd part specialist, experts and professors to orgnize an excipients application technology alliance.
Initial Formulation Service
Chineway's technical team will provide special, confidential dosage service. It includes fast-release, contro or sustained release oral dosage service.
Technical Supporting Scope
Chineway's marketing and technical department will assis client open their project. 2nd R&D for upgrading existed drugs' quality. We will give you much more than what you imagine.
Film Color Guide
Right choice of color and shape for tablet will increase products brand reputation. Chineway's Orientcol coating film system has full scope of color distribution. Please contact our account manager and ask for their assistance.
Sample Requirement Online
Our Lab provide fixed package of samples for you. Our standard package size: 100g, 200g, 500g. Please click to fill the form. Our assistance will arrange the samples dispatching in shortedt time.