Marketing Announcement for FMC products
We never providing FMC products. Any demand for FMC products, please contact with FMC directly.
Chineway,F-Melt, ODT
F-Melt from Japanese FUJI Chemical has multiple potent in global countries. Through F-Melt, you can produce perfect ODT drugs by using easy processing.
Chineway, Fujicalin DCPA
Fujicalin from Japanese FUJI Chemical has incredible loose density (0.46g/cm3) and porous sphere structure. Fujicalin has excellent oil absorption ability to resolve the problem of liquid to powder.
Chineway, Neusilin
Neusilin (magnesium aluminum silicate) from Fujicalin has special porous sphere structure. Neusilin is used a oil aborbtion agent. It can protect API, increase API flowability, stability. Neusilin can increase bioavailability of drugs.
Chineway,Ashland_ISP & Aqualon Price Increasing announcement
Ashland paper notice: From 15 Oct. 2013, Ashland increase ISP PVP, PVPP series and Aqualon cellulose products (HPC, HPMC, MC, EC, CMC) price. We felt very sorry for any inconvience caused by it, thanks very much for your understanding.