Magnesium aluminum silicate Neusilin®

Chemical description: 
Neusilin is a kind of honeycomb structured mineral salt filler composed of  Ai2O3: 29.1-35.5%, MgO: 11.4-14.0% and SiO2: 29.2-35.60%.
Brand: Neusilin®                             
General name
Mean diameter
Moisture %
Bulk density g/ml
Magnesium aluminum silicate Neusilin


DMF# 12893

60-120 渭m
< 7
Magnesium aluminum silicate Neusilin


DMF# 12893

2-8 渭m
< 7
Magnesium aluminum silicate Neusilin


DMF# 12893

10-20 渭m

Characteristics application:
 Neusilin's high porosity has excellent absorptivity, besides enhancing tablet hardness and improving powder flowability, it also prevent hygroscopic drugs from deliquescene.  
Compared with colloidal silicon dioxide, Neusilin maintains excellent long-term stability and flowability while absorbing oily substance, enabling liquid medicine to be solidified.
Neusilin solves low melting point and moisture absorptive drug's tablets problem, 3-5% addition can improve product long-term stability. 
Neusilin acts as ideal sorption carrier in the preparation process of hot-melt extrusion, lyosorption,  emulsification system and solid liposome nanoparticle.
The product can improve poorly water soluble drug's dissolution and bio-availability. Solid dispersion's sorption carrier common type: US2 or USL2
Adhesion, disintegration: 5-15%, flow aid: 0.5-5.0%, sorption carrier: 20-50%, filler: 30-90%