Hydrogenated caster oil Lubriwax®

Chemical description: Lubriwax
® is a kind of white powder. It is the caster oil product after refining, bleaching, hydrogenation and deoderization, which is mainly composed of oxystearic acid glycerin trilaurate. The product meets Japanese pharmacopoeia standards.
Brand: Lubriwax®
General name
Mean Diameter 
Bulk Density
Melting Point
Hydrogenated caster oil  hardened oil

Features as a Lubricant

The standard additive volume of Lubriwax®-101 : 0.5 to 5%


◊ Less interaction with API
    As it does not contain metal components or free acids such as calcium and magnesium, there are less influences on API stability.


◊ Less influence on tablet hardness
    The hardness becomes less when added to or mixed with tablet powder.

Features as a Wax Matrix Former

◊ Directly compression mixing with powder is possible. 銆
◊ Can be applied to melt granulation
   Lubriwax can be used as binder after turning it into liquid by warming.
   Also, melting method is available after granulating Lubriwax together with API and other excipients.