Pregelatinized Starch Starch 1500 ®

Chemical description: 
Starch 1500® is kind of physically modified starch without chemical additive or surfactant. The product meets the current USP/NF, EP, JP pharmacopoeia standards. 
Brand: Starch 1500®                       
General name
Raw material sources
Characteristics application
Pregelatinized starch
      Starch 1500
Popcorn starch
Disintegrant with adhesivity

Characteristics application:
Starch 1500 is a kind of multi-functional excipient which can be used as binder, disintegrant, flow aid with self-lubrication. This multi-functionality can be widely used in various kinds of oral solid dosage processes, including: direct compression, wet granulation, dry granulation and capsule filling.